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The latest evolution form of PVC pipe: PVC-O

PVC-O, Chinese name biaxially oriented PVC, is the latest evolution form of PVC pipe. The pipe made by special orientation processing technology will be extruded to produce PVC-U pipe by axial tension and radial tension, so that the PVC long chain molecules in the pipe will be arranged in biaxial direction, and a new type of PVC pipe with high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance and fatigue resistance will be obtained.
PVC-O is mainly used in water supply pipeline, mine pipeline, trenchless laying and repair pipeline, gas pipe network and other fields. In some countries, the application of PVC-O in drinking water pipe network is gradually expanding, becoming a substitute for PVC-U. according to the survey report of the warin group, the Netherlands, France, Spain, North America, South America, Australia and other countries are using a large number of PVC-O pipes.
Recently, we have successfully completed the commissioning of PVC-O belling machine in the customer’s factory, which indicates that our company has mature technology to cope with the belling of PVC-O pipe. Breakthrough each difficulty, and apply for the patent of PVC-O belling machine. At the same time, our company independently developed the rubber ring for PVC-O pipe.

PVC machine

PVC-O machine


Post time: Jul-13-2021