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PP Belling Machine with technology of HMS Schnallinger

Due to the wide use of PVC pipe, the market of PVC pipe belling machine tends to be saturated. PP water supply pipe is used more and more for nowadays.
Polypropylene pipe has the advantages of heat preservation and energy saving, green environmental protection, excellent heat stability and excellent sanitary performance, etc. It is widely used in the fields of cold and hot water supply pipes and high and low warm air connection pipes. At present, in the field of indoor drainage also began to use polypropylene pipes. The main varieties of PP-R and PP-B are used for the transportation of cold and hot water in buildings and ground in China. In addition to the application of the above two kinds of pipes, a certain amount of PP-H has also been applied in the field of indoor drainage. But different types of PP pipe has different characteristics, we can clearly from the structure, product mechanics and physical properties to be distinguished. It is this difference that determines their different product features, economy, and applications.
And because the socketing of PP pipe is not as simple as that of PVC pipe, this part of technology is difficult to overcome. The PP pipe belling machine produced by Desheng in cooperation with HMS of Austria company has achieved good results. Its company is the first one in the world to produce PP pipe belling machine. We cooperate with them and get technical support and after-sales support.
We summarize the following advantages of the equipment:
1. ATS (Antishrinkage System) to avoid long term shrinkage and stabilize production tolerances
2. HMS inside heater system for high performance and improved quality of sockets
3. Tools calculation according HMS to reach small production tolerances and high performance
4. Improved guidance system with hard shafts
5. Patented forming system process
6. High pressure air system by compressor system

Post time: Jun-29-2021