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Overview of the development of automatic pipe bender power system

Bender is a very common use of the scope of the machine bender is a very common use of the scope of the machine, small to a small part of the refrigerator, large to the bending of open pipes. With the advancement of technology in various industries, it began to bend the accuracy of the machine and composite processing technology to put forward new requests. The working principle of the pipe bender is through a fair pivot point and force point to apply bending moment, so that the steel pipe plastic deformation, so as to achieve the purpose of cold bending of steel pipe under the mold located in the front of the bender, the hydraulic cylinder will be hung on the rack is floating, the use of spreader steel pipe from the back of the bender through the fixture, the upper die into the lower die, the inner tube into the steel pipe and placed in the central position of the upper die, the inner tube expansion block propped up to call the disk of the inner wall of the steel pipe The bender will be able to avoid abnormal deformation of the steel pipe in the bending process.
In the development of pipe bending machine, pipe bender power source has been continuously improved and improved, in the early manual bending pipe material when the main source of power is a single or multiple manipulators of labor, processing products are generally small pipe fittings of the pipe, such a processing method of production efficiency at the bottom, not enough precision, pipe type is limited. With the development of modern technology, industrial level, the development of research CNC CNC pipe bender, three-dimensional hydraulic pipe bender and so on some high-performance pipe bender, these high-level pipe bender’s main drive mode generally has three: motor-driven, hydraulic drive, motor-hydraulic hybrid drive.
Today’s modern industry, most of the institutions and devices power source are motor-driven way to provide power for the basic action of the entire device. By the motor to provide the source of power, in the process of power transmission and a variety of ways, such as motor to drive gears, rack and pinion, cams, connecting rods and other institutions, according to the situation designed to meet the requirements of the bender.
2.hydraulic drive
With the continuous development of industrial technology, hydraulic drive technology is one of the fastest growing technology in machinery and equipment, especially in recent years, into a new stage of development. Hydraulic transmission and control system to its transfer power, control accuracy, fast response time and easy to achieve the advantages of motor-hydraulic integration control, is widely used in all walks of life. Hydraulic bender powered by hydraulic is a new type of bending mechanism, which has a reasonable structure, easy to operate, safe to use, fast loading and unloading and a multi-purpose advantages bender.
3.motor-hydraulic hybrid drive
Hydraulic pipe bending, although it has the advantages of high transfer power, high control accuracy, fast response time, but also has some shortcomings, such as: too much action due to manipulators, the bottom of the production efficiency; machine loss, shortened service life; the need for more operators, labor costs, higher product costs. So in further research proposed the use of motor-hydraulic hybrid drive, so that the most reasonable drive method can be used to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and improve processing accuracy in the place of the respective advantages of motor and hydraulic.


Post time: Jun-22-2021