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Detail of the key components of the belling machine


The key structure of the pipe belling machine consists of a fixed bracket, a fixed bracket self-locking mechanism, a horizontal moving frame, transport equipment, a heated drying box, a pipe turning equipment, clamping equipment, belling equipment, a hydraulic drive system and its air shower system software.

A. The effect of the fixed bracket is to support the tube so that the tube is in a smooth level situation.

It is therefore essential that the support plate wheels on the same fixture are at the same level.

In order to incorporate the belling of different sizes of fittings, the fixed bracket is set up with an electric lifting mechanism, making the lift of the fixed bracket more time and labour efficient.

When I dismantle and change the specification of the socketed fittings, the height to width ratio of the fixed bracket must be adjusted so that the centre line of the management centre of the fittings is the same as the centre line of the management centre of the heated box and the belling equipment.

Fixed bracket self-locking mechanism key by each motor drive, through the worm gear reducer box speed reduction, and then through the worm drive and chain drive, together with the drive fixed bracket bottom 4 corner of the three lifter screw nut rotation, and then according to the lifter screw nut and lifter nut spiral negative role, so that the rotation of the screw nut fitness movement converted to fixed bracket lifter fitness movement.

B. The effect of moving the frame horizontally is to move the pipe fittings from the previous work offset to the next work fixture.

Its posture steps are: Ran up to drag the pipe fittings move 1 work fixture horizontally lower move horizontally to return to the initial part.

The movement track is a closed rectangular frame.

C. Transport equipment must be released against the tube when it enters the belling machine and when it enters the belling fixture, which is set up with 2 sets of transport equipment.

When I dismantle and change the specification of the belling pipe, it is necessary to start the lift motor and adjust the height of the transport equipment so that when the clamping cylinder is pressed, the traction belt chain track can cling to the water pipe but is not easy to deform the water pipe and can transport the water pipe without running off.


Post time: Jul-27-2021