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22 years continuously developing of experience in the belling industry.

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Epi Yuyu machina Co Ltd · Changzhou Desheng FORMA factory auxiliorum apparatus sit amet dignissim foramina cum variis fabrica producens 2000. Quod operit area (L) kv.m. et urbs sita in Danyang, Jiangsu provinciae, prope urbe Shanghai.

Productions nostra principalis includit: omnes de PVC fistulæ, citharæ, sambucæ PVC limae, pp fistulæ, citharæ, sambucæ ex PE belling / socketing apparatus, slotting apparatus, filum sectione apparatus ista distinctio lucis et laser apparatus apparatus. Diametro tibiae resonabit et usque ad maximum range ex minimum 16mm 1600mm.

Slogan et comitatu destinata est, sine machinis faciens belling commisit. Nos operam ad investigationis et progressionem innovation incumbo in belling machinis qualified facta confirmatur atque promptum mos muneris.

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  • Commoda monomer (EPDM) rubber
    Commoda monomer (EPDM) rubber
    The water supply pipeline system generally applies EPDM rubber seal ring, which has been gradually applied in China. Compared with other ordinary rubber seals, it has good...
  • Details of key components de belling machina
    Detail of the key components of the b...
    Detail The key structure of the pipe belling machine consists of a fixed bracket, a fixed bracket self-locking mechanism, a horizontal moving frame, transport equipment, a heated drying box, a pipe...
  • In tardus forma evolutionis PVC pipe: PVC Domine,
    The latest evolution form of PVC pipe...
    PVC-O, Chinese name biaxially oriented PVC, is the latest evolution form of PVC pipe. The pipe made by special orientation processing technology will be extruded to produce PVC-U pipe by axial tens...
  • P Publius Cornelius Belling Machina et technology de Schnallinger
    PP Belling Machine with technology of...
    Due to the wide use of PVC pipe, the market of PVC pipe belling machine tends to be saturated. PP water supply pipe is used more and more for nowadays. Polypropylene pipe...
  • Overview of the development systematis vim latae sententiae pipe Bender
    Overview of the development of automa...
    Bender is a very common use of the scope of the machine bender is a very common use of the scope of the machine, small to a small part of the refrigerator, large to the bending of open pipes. With ...
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